Small/Medium Dogs $35.00

Large/X-Large Dogs $38.00

Cats $25.00 

Doggy Day Care $25.00

Other Charges

–Late Check Out (2 PM – 6 PM) $20.00

–By appointment Late Check Out (after 6 PM) Full Night

–Sunday Pickup (3-6 PM)    $20.00

– By appointment Early Check In (7- 8 AM) $20.00

–Medications (per administration)  $2.00

–Playtimes  ($5.00) (15 minute blocks, one human per dog)

We have a two night minimum for all holidays and require a deposit or credit card authorization when making the reservation.
–Holidays include:
—-Memorial Day
—-July 4th
—-Labor Day
—-New Years 

Grooming Rates
(All rates are variable depending on coat condition and dog behavior)

Please call for a quote.