My pet needs medications. Do you provide that service?

 Yes. If they are prescription drugs, please bring the official bottle from the pharmacy as it is required by law.  We do not offer injections as a service.

What does my pet do all day?

Your pet will relax in a private suite, go out for a nice run in his/her private individual 40 foot run 6-8 times and have two meals w/ fresh water a day.
Your dog will be very active during his stay with us and it is not uncommon for pets to sleep more than normal after their stay at Granbar.

What vaccinations does my pet need?


Rabies – required once every three years

DHLPP – required once every year

Bordetella – required once every year


Rabies – required once every three years

Does someone stay on-site?

The owners are living on-site at the facility.

Is there a vet on-site?

There is always a vet on-call for any emergencies. Our vet partners are:
Charlotte Natural Animal Clinic (Dr. James Schacht 980-819-7402)
Commonwealth Animal Hospital (Dr. Clayton Watkins 704-370-0767)
Mallard Creek Animal Hospital (Dr. Mark Green)
Stoney Creek (Dr. Rick Beldegreen)

Can I bring my pet’s toys or blankets?


Can I bring my own food?

We encourage it! Please bring your pet’s food individually wrapped for each meal. Your dog is already going through the excitement of the visit to our facility.  Changing the diet can cause indigestion.

If not, we can provide your pet’s food for $2.00 per day.

Can my dogs stay together?

We do offer discounts for multiple dogs during these times, but we can not put them together in the same location.  We can put them across from each other so they can see, “talk”, and hang out.

Does my pet get to play?

We offer individual “human/pet” play time sessions. No need for your pet to be neutered or spayed! .
We are a bit skeptical about the safety issue when you allow many dogs to chase each other around a field or try to share toys, therefore we offer individual “walk in the park” or “frisbee sessions” for your pet to enjoy.
Our only prerequisite is that they have their shots up to date, and to play with people of course they have to like people.
And if your dog does not like people he/she can spend the day in our bright, indoor-outdoor kennel suites listening to music.

Can I take a tour?

You are encouraged to tour the facility prior to your reservation. We don’t recommend bringing your pet as it will only cause the other pets unnecessary excitement.

My dog was thirsty when he came home. Do you guys supply enough water?

Your pet has access to water 24 hours a day and we refresh it 2-4 times a day…

Your pet will be excited to see you, so it is not uncommon for your pet to be panting and thirsty when you get home.